To search for the best way to get to our lovely little island have a look on www.islandtravelkohtao.com where you can see a full list of routes and prices and you can book online directly. Island travel have a full team ready to assist you, and can be easily reached on bookings@islandtravelkohtao.com for any questions or advice.
Below is a helpful little timetable of transport to Koh Tao...
From Surat Thani: Located on the mainland, Surat Thani is a city on the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. It has an International Airport and a Train Station. You can travel from the airport, train station, or depart from Surat Town.
From Surat Thani Airport:

  • Depart 08:30 - Arrive 14:15 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 08:30 - Arrive 15:30 (Seatran)
  • Depart 11:20 Arrive 19:00 (Seatran)
  • Depart 13:30 - Arrive 18:45 (Lomprayah)

From Surat Thani Train station:

  • Depart 08:30 - Arrive 14:15 (Lomprayah)

From Surat Thani Town:

  • Depart 09:00 - Arrive 14:15 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 09:30 - Arrive 15:30 (Seatran)
  • Depart 12:30 Arrive 19:00 (Seatran)
  • Depart 14:30 - Arrive 18:45 (Lomprayah)

Night ferry options are available, please check www.islandtravelkohtao.com for schedule and prices.

From Chumphon: The closest mainland city to Koh Tao is Chumphon, it has a domestic airport, and a train station. Transport is available from both the airport and the train station to the pier (Mataphon Pier or Thung Makham Noi Pier). The times listed below are from the pier.

  • Depart 07:00 - Arrive 09:45 (Mataphon Pier - Songserm)
  • Depart 07:30 - Arrive 08:45 (Thung Makham Noi Pier - Lomprayah)
  • Depart 13:00 Arrive 14:45 (Thung Makham Noi Pier - Lomprayah)

Night ferry options are available, please check www.islandtravelkohtao.com for schedule and prices.

From Koh Samui: One of the largest islands in Thailand and a close neighbour to Koh Tao, Koh Samui has an international Airport and three separate piers that service Koh Tao. The times listed below are from the pier.

  • Depart 08:00 - Arrive 09:30 (Maenam Pier - Lomprayah)
  • Depart 08:00 - Arrive 10:00 (Bangrak Pier - Seatran)
  • Depart 11:15 - Arrive 14:15 (Nathon Pier - Lomprayah)
  • Depart 12:30 - Arrive 14:15 (Maenam Pier - Lomprayah)
  • Depart 13:00 - Arrive 15:00 (Bangrak Pier - Seatran)
  • Depart 16:30 - Arrive 18:30 (Bangrak Pier - Seatran)
  • Depart 17:00 - Arrive 18:45 (Nathon Pier - Lomprayah)

From Koh Phangan: The closest island to Koh Tao with regular ferries back and forth. The times listed below are from the pier.

  • Depart 08:30 - Arrive 09:30 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 08:30 - Arrive 10:00 (Seatran)
  • Depart 13:00 - Arrive 14:15 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 13:30 - Arrive 15:00 (Seatran)
  • Depart 17:00 - Arrive 18:30 (Seatran)
  • Depart 17:30 - Arrive 18:45 (Lomprayah)

From Krabi: The times listed below are travelling by Bus & Ferry.

  • Depart 07:30 - Arrive 14:15 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 08:00 - Arrive 15:00 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 11:00 - Arrive 18:30 (Seatran)
  • Depart 12:30 - Arrive 18:45 (Lomprayah)

From Bangkok: There are many options how you can travel down from Bangkok, flights are available to Surat Thani, Chumphon and Koh Samui, you can also take day or night trains to Surat Thani or Chumphon, but you can also take a bus which is surprisingly comfortable and easy. For a full list of options from Bangkok go to www.islandtravelkohtao.com. Below is a list of Bus and Train times.
By Bus (From Khao San Road):

  • Depart 06:30 - Arrive 14:45 (Lomprayah)
  • Depart 21:00 - Arrive 09:30*next day ( Lomprayah)

By Train (From Hua Lamphong Train Station to Chumphon):

  • Depart 19:30 - Arrive 09:15*next day (Lomprayah)

From Chiang Mai: Air Asia and Bangkok Airways both have direct flights to either Surat Thani or Koh Samui, transfer timetables from both airports to Koh Tao are above. For a full schedule and prices go to www.islandtravelkohtao.com.


Koh Tao is a very small island; in fact it never takes more than 10 minutes to get anywhere really. We are on the east side and near to some of the most popular beaches on the island with incredible snorkelling straight from the beach (Tanote Bay and Aow Leuk).

Driving Directions: Use the road sign posted towards Aow Leuk (near WTF Bar on the main road), drive past Earth House on your left, past the Aow Leuk turning on your right, past Sea View Resort on your left and on your right will be a sign saying POP Villas, take this right and in a few metres you will reach New POP Villas on your left. We are situated next to Koh Tao Studios (Taxi Drivers do tend to know Koh Tao Studios) and before the hill down to Blue Heaven.


If you need any help getting to Koh Tao our travel partner www.islandtravelkohtao.com can help organise everything for you. If you have any questions or special requests we are here to help, just send us an email at reservations@popvillas-kohtao.com and we'll do our best. Here are some helpful sites:


Visa and Passport Information: It’s always best to check with the Thai Embassy in your own country to ensure you have the most up to date information. Currently tourists from the UK, U.S,A, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan and France are permitted a 30 day Visa on Arrival.


Weather Forecast & Seasons

As we are protected by the elements tucked into the Gulf of Thailand, we are pretty lucky when it comes to weather and enjoy a much longer season than the rest of Thailand. Our rainy months tend to be around November but as our climate is tropical, when it does rain it comes in thick and fast and is usually on its way after an hour or so. So even in our rainy months its usually pretty sunny most of the day!

January & February: Lovely sunny and warm comfortable weather, averaging around 29C /85F. The visibility in the sea is particularly good at this time of year.

March, April & May: Guaranteed sunshine and lovely hot days averaging around 32C / 89F. This time of year is particularly special as we celebrate Thai New Year (Songkran) in the week of April 13, this is a huge water festival and everyone gets involved! To really see what its about take a look at some pictures here.

June, July & August: This is low season in the rest of Thailand as the wind turns and starts blowing, but as we are protected in our Gulf we are the lucky ones with the beautiful sunny weather! If it does rain it normally only lasts for half an hour or so and then the sun comes back to shine on us. This is a great time of year to see turtles!

September & October: The temperature drops slightly averaging around 28C/ 82F (Brr!), its a beautiful time of year and often the time divers see Whale Sharks.

November & December: This is our rainy season but we don't have days and days of rain comparable to the Andaman coast, each day the sunshine comes and goes with bursts of rain that never last too long, and some days we are still blessed with constant sunshine. In November especially the island is blissfully quiet so if you're looking to avoid the crowds and benefit from low season prices now is the time to come! December starts to get busier of course with the holidays and the rain usually does us a favour and leaves towards the end of the month ready for a sunny Christmas!